Trauma & Grief Response

There When You

Need Us Most

Our Trauma & Grief Response program is available at no charge to schools, workplaces, and other community organizations following tragic events. Our Therapy Teams deliver comfort, support, stress relief, and a sense of normalcy as survivors process their feelings.

They do not serve to counsel or advise. Therapy animals can serve as a conduit for person-to-person communication, giving on-site counselors highly effective tools for breaking barriers, building rapport, and making progress towards healing. Circumstances to which the program responds include deaths of students, faculty members, and coworkers, shootings or other acts of violence, and natural disasters.

Therapy Teams who have completed our Advanced Animal-Assisted Therapy training are eligible to be specially trained for Trauma & Grief Response through materials developed in collaboration with Master of Social Work students from Samford University during yearlong internships.

Teams will not be sent into a search and rescue/recovery/disaster zone in the immediate aftermath of an event, rather, into an organized counseling or stress relief event for survivors. Organizations requesting HIP Therapy Teams will coordinate with HIP Program Coordinator to determine most effective visit setting.