Scholarship Opportunties

Anna's Fund


In memory of Anna Connelley Tucker, a pup who passed away before she could become a part of Hand in Paw, a fund was created by her dads Rodney Tucker & Billy Connelley to eliminate barriers to volunteering.

Anna's Fund offers assistance for volunteer teams to help defray costs associated with the training and supplies to become a Therapy Team.


Anna's Fund Assists Volunteers


Potential and current volunteers can utilize Anna's Fund in the following ways:


  • Obedience Training: Scholarships are available for potential volunteers on a needs-basis to help cover the cost of group obedience training courses which are needed to become a Therapy Team.
  • Volunteer Supplies: Monetary assistance is available in purchasing supplies, uniforms, registration costs and other items for new and current volunteers on a needs-basis.


Apply for an Anna's Fund Scholarship


To utilize Anna's Fund, please complete an application and email to Stacey Roudebush



Donate to Anna's Fund


Make a difference in our volunteer's lives by donating to Anna's Fund