A Beautiful Moment at Children’s of Alabama

One of the goals of Hand in Paw visits is to bring comfort and distraction to those dealing with difficult life situations. At Children's of Alabama, one of our program partners, there are many situations in which our Therapy Teams can make a positive impact.

Here is a beautiful moment witnessed and told by a Hand in Paw volunteer:

"I was sanitizing hands near Steph and Olive when I noticed a woman standing in front of them holding what looked to be a small painting in her hand. It was turned so all I could see was the back. She waited until the patient who was visiting with Olive moved on to another dog. When Steph was free she said I wanted you to see what my daughter did after visiting with Olive on Saturday. She didn’t feel well enough to come down but wanted me to come down and show you."

Our Therapy Teams make such an impact, and it's always wonderful when they can truly feel that.