HIP Reads

Animal-Assisted Education


Animal- Assisted Education helps students achieve academic and educational goals in the classroom. HIP Teams help children build reading skills, gain confidence, and foster pro-social behaviors.

Sit, Stay, Read!

The Sit, Stay, Read! program was designed for struggling readers and is committed to improving literacy skills. On a weekly basis, students read aloud to nonjudgmental furry friends and their caring handlers. Hand in Paw advocates for an inclusive learning environment by providing books that explore social and emotional themes as well as multicultural books that celebrate diversity and equality.

*Disclaimer: No association exists between Hand in Paw, an Alabama not-for-profit corporation, and Sit Stay Read Inc., an Illinois corporation, or the services of either entity.

School's Best Friend

The School’s Best Friend Program works with Special Education teachers to enhance classroom instruction for exceptional students. Teachers incorporate Therapy Teams by teaching life skills, speech therapy, social skills, and occupational therapy through the use of a special “Activity Vest” the dog wears in the classroom.