Become A Professionally Trained Therapy Team

You and your pet can bring joy and comfort to those who need it most.

A HIP Therapy Team provides Animal-Assisted Therapy interactions to people dealing with emotional and physical life challenges. They deliver positive distraction, motivation, empathy and compassion in numerous facilities across Central Alabama.

It is a true team experience, and you and your animal must be dedicated to complete the training and registration process.


Sounds Great, Right?

Let's start with the basics


You and your animal MUST meet these general qualifications before taking any further steps to becoming a Therapy Team:

  • Screenings available at 18 months
  • Must have owned animal for more than 6 months
  • If animal is a dog, you and your dog must complete a group obedience course
  • Animal must be spayed or neutered
  • Must provide proof of COVID vaccination


Let's Talk Details!

Guide To Becoming A Therapy Team

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