A Word from our Intern, Catherine

Hello everyone, my name is Catherine Renda and I am a senior at the University of Montevallo!


I am one of the interns at Hand in Paw this semester. I have been able to experience so much from my short time here, but one of my favorite parts is the people I have met. Whether it's at a community open house, evaluations on the weekend, or out on visits, there is something special about the people who put on the golden uniform and scarf.

Hand in Paw is not Hand in Paw without its spunky staff, dedicated volunteers and all the lives they impact daily. I had no idea the difference Hand in Paw was making before my internship but hearing the amount of people that have benefited in our community because of this organization is phenomenal and seeing it happen is indescribable. Now that I have had the privilege of being a part of something so beautiful, I am hooked for life. So, thank you to the staff, volunteers, and therapy animals for the passion and love you spread to everyone you encounter and welcoming me with open paws.