Hand in Paw Offers Virtual Animal-Assisted Therapy Visits During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 1, 2020
Hand in Paw Offers Virtual Animal-Assisted Therapy Visits During COVID-19 Pandemic


Birmingham, AL: Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Hand in Paw is adapting the way they spread comfort and joy in the community by having Therapy Teams record “virtual visits” that are then shared with program partners and on social media.

COVID-19 has challenged Hand in Paw to think outside the box on ways they can achieve their mission of improving human health and well-being through Animal-Assisted Therapy. Currently all Hand in Paw therapeutic visits are on “paws” indefinitely to adhere to CDC recommendations of social distancing. Hand in Paw Therapy Teams are eager to serve, and the community needs them now more than ever.

In an effort to spread positivity, ease stress, and stay connected, Hand in Paw Therapy Teams are hard at work filming videos that can then be shared with program partners such as Children’s of Alabama and on social media. These “virtual visits” give Therapy Teams an opportunity to show off tricks they may normally do during a visit, send words of encouragement to facilities and supporters, as well as offering interactive activities such as reading books out loud with the pups.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the virtual visits our Therapy Teams have submitted. Each visit is unique and truly heart-felt. Our teams miss visiting just as much as the facilities miss us! The positive feedback from our program partners and social media following has also been very rewarding. There may be a lot of sad news going around in the media, but Hand in Paw is hard at work sharing positivity,” says Brittany Jennings, Director of Communications.

In addition to the virtual visits, Hand in Paw is offering up fun ways for their social media following to be engaged during self-isolation. New and upcoming engaging posts include an art contest, dog training videos, Instagram stories challenges, and a Facebook Live Volunteering presentation. To follow Hand in Paw on social media, please search for @handinpawal on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




With a mission to improve human health & well-being, Hand in Paw is Alabama’s premier Animal-Assisted Therapy provider and Animal Advocacy Organization. Hand in Paw’s professionally-trained volunteer handler and animal Therapy Teams help improve people’s day to day lives in several medical centers, schools, and human service organizations throughout North Central Alabama and Tuscaloosa. Our volunteer teams make thousands of beneficial visits through community events and participating facilities each year, helping countless children with special needs, at-risk youth, struggling students, and people with chronic and terminal illnesses. At no time has Hand in Paw charged for its services. For more information, visit www.handinpaw.org.

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