Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an easy and convenient way to help throughout the year via payroll deduction.

Your company may also have a matching gift program, where they will match what you donate to a charity.



Alabama State Employees Combined Campaign


The Alabama State Employees Combined Campaign allows you to give to a designated charity through three different avenues - Payroll deduction, Cash, or Check contribution.

Giving through payroll deduction is the most encouraged avenue of supporting your favorite charitable organization for many reasons. It gives continuing income to designated agencies throughout the year, and it provides an accurate bookkeeping/audit trail for your pay records.

To donate, please fill out the Alabama State Employees Combined Campaign's pledge card. Hand in Paw's Agency Code is 054012.







Combined Federal Campaign


This is the workplace giving campaign for federal employees, and almost every office manages its own campaign.

For information on how to connect with your office's CFC campaign, please visit or Hand in Paw's CFC designation number is 78467.







UAB Benevolent Fund


The Benevolent Fund, founded and governed by UAB employees, recognizes the importance of giving back to our community. It benefits more than 120 charitable and health organizations.

The Benevolent Fund makes giving easy through payroll deductions. If you work at UAB, and would like to designate Hand in Paw, please go to UAB's Benevolent Fund page and get started.