5 Tips to Make Your Pup’s Bath Time a PAWsitive Experience!

TALES BLOG /Make Your Pup’s Bath Time a PAWsitive Experience!

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Does your dirty dog need a bath but absolutely hates bath time? Hand in Paw and The Whole Dog Market Homewood are here to help!

Giving your dog a bath on a regular basis is very important. Not only does it make their coat smell and feel better, but it also helps their health long-term! However, bathing a furry friend that is anxious, hates water, or constantly tries to escape is stressful for both you and your dog. Here are 5 tips and tricks to make bath time a more PAWsitive experience for the whole family!  


1. Take “Puppy Steps”


And by “puppy steps”, we mean start slow!

If your dog dislikes baths, it probably does not associate the bathroom with good things. To help your dog become more comfortable with the bathroom and tub, start by luring your dog into the bathroom with a delicious treat and reward them for simply joining you inside. Keep doing this periodically and your pup will begin to associate the bathroom with good experiences!

After a while, try turning on the water when your pup joins you in the bathroom and reward them for staying in the room with you while the water runs. Eventually your dog will be less anxious about being in the bathroom even with the water running, and you can comfortably take the next step of bathing them! But be sure to keep the good times rolling even after the day you decide to bath your dog by continuing to lure them into the bathroom, turning on the water, and treating them to keep the positive momentum going.  


2. Grab A Non-Furry Friend to Help


If your pup dislikes baths, having a friend help bathe them can not only make the process go faster, but can also make it more relaxing.

Try having your friend focus on praising, petting and treating your dog while you focus on the actual bathing of your dog. The praise and yummy treats throughout the bath will distract your worried pooch and help them continue to associate bath time with good experiences!  


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3. Stop the Slip-n-Slide


One simple reason your pup may hate bath time is that he feels unstable! Let’s do the math: 1 pup with slick paw pads and nails + 1 porcelain tub + water = 1 unstable, rigid, scared to move doggo!

Try buying a non-slip bath mat to give your dog a better footing and make them more comfortable in the tub. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to amplify your dog’s bath time experience! This will also keep them from slipping and injuring themselves.  


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4. Have All Tools on Deck


It is important to make sure you have all the tools you will need within arm’s reach while bathing your dog.

Why? Because walking away from the tub creates a golden opportunity for your dog to make a run for it! OR your dog may even think that it is a game and start running after you! Either way, the bathing experience just became much more stressful.

Be sure to grab shampoo, conditioner, a towel, bath mat, treats, and scrubber BEFORE starting the bath! This way, you can keep an eye on your furry friend the whole time.  


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5. Keep Your Cool


Dogs have the awesome ability to sense their human’s emotions which makes it especially important that you keep your cool during bath time. If you start the bath process stressed out, your pup will be too. Go into bath-mode with a calm demeanor and lead your dog by example. Staying positive, using a calm voice and gently bathing your dog will ensure a better experience for everyone!  

We hope that these tips and tricks help make your pup’s bath time a PAWsitive experience! Just remember to stay patient, calm and don’t forget to enjoy the bonding experience with your dog!