Ginger – A School’s Best Friend

TALES BLOG /School's Best Friend

In the toolkits of educators, school counselors and therapists, our Therapy Teams are powerful motivators for students in need. We help children make strides in early intervention centers, K-12 schools, group homes, and after-school programs – anywhere learning takes place.

Lanette and Ginger are of the many teams making a big difference in local special needs classrooms.

"There are so many meaningful interactions, but the most obvious impacts we have witnessed are with children in Special Needs classrooms.  Here we have seem some read out loud to Ginger when they previously would not read to others; overcome their fear of dogs by learning how to pet Ginger; improve physical abilities (that are challenges) through OT exercises with Ginger’s vest or playing fetch; become calm when struggling to be still…", says Lanette.

Teachers also see the remarkable impact.

"It turns our day around and gets it on a positive note. A rough day turns into a great day. Just having Ginger here motivates them to participate and do what I am asking them to do and try their best to listen and follow instructions," notes Starla Castle, Exceptional Education Teacher.

Hand in Paw is extremely grateful for our volunteer Therapy Teams who take time out of their day to help others in the community.

If you are interested in becoming a Therapy Team and volunteering in our Education programs, please apply here!


Hand in Paw interactions on any visit are as emotionally rewarding for me and Ginger as they are for those we visit; if not more.  We love our “job.”

Lanette Steadman