Tis the Season of Holiday Cheer & Giving to Causes You Hold Quite Dear

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Tis the season of holiday cheer

And giving to causes you hold quite dear

When you donate to HIP, we guarantee

Your gift will serve our community.  


Donors help us achieve our mission

So we hope it is an easy decision

To support our cause; we help those who need

The loving gaze of a pup on a lead.  


The therapy that comes from animals, you see

Is a one-of-a-kind opportunity

The smiles they bring, the laughter, the joy

To old and young, girls and boys.  


Help us touch lives this holiday season

And when you give, it will be for a reason

To better the lives of all those around

With a simple tail wag, love will abound.  


There are many ways to give to Hand in Paw this holiday season!
Visit handinpaw.org/donate to get started!