A Peek At Priceless Art: 2019 Picasso Pets Gallery Party

TALES BLOG / 2019 Gallery Party

Hand in Paw hosted its annual Picasso Pets Gallery Party on July 11,2019 at The Grand Bohemian Gallery.
At this VIP event, Patrons (known as "Presenters") got the first peek at artwork painted by their pets in collaboration with local artists.


In the months leading up to Picasso Pets, Hand in Paw’s signature gala, some of the city’s finest artists lend their talents to collaborate with the pets of Hand in Paw supporters to create truly spectacular works of art. This year’s presenters include Shannon Black, Terri Denard & Steven Reider, Melissa Mancini & Matt Dickerson, Kim & Corbin Day, Idie & Christ Hastings, Sarah & Spencer Lacey, and Melanie & Don Lewis.

Paws, noses, and tails are all used to create a base painting during memorable studio sessions. It’s then up to the artists to finish the pieces on their own, leaving the Presenters in suspense! This year’s artists include Thomas Andrew, Bob McKenna, Liz Lane, Linda Ellen Price, Arthur Price, John Lytle Wilson, and Susan Oliver.

The 2019 Gallery Party was a night to remember as the special artworks were officially debuted to Presenters who commissioned the paintings. Sponsors of Picasso Pets, board members, and past presenters were also in attendance for this VIP first glimpse.

Guests enjoyed beer, wine and delicious hors d’oeuvres while perusing the unique works of art. Lots of laughter, "oohs" and "ahhs" were heard that evening. It was truly amazing to see how pawprints were turned into pricesless art.

The finished pieces will make their full debut to the public the night of Picasso Pets on August 17th at The Grand Bohemian. For more information, visit www.picassopets.com.  

Until then, here is a special peek at the VIP event! (tap to view larger)