Tucker the Therapy Dog Delights Nursing Home Resident

TALES BLOG / Tucker Delights Nursing Home Residents

Therapy dog, official church member, friend to all.
These are just a few words that describe the sweet and small Sheltie, Tucker.


Tucker and his handlers, O'Neal and Dianne Cleveland, volunteer with Hand in Paw and bring joy and comfort to people at St.Vincent's, nursing homes, and UAB. The Clevelands describe Tucker as a people's dog. "He loves for people to love him and there is something about him that he just wants to give back affection," says O'Neal.

It's no surprise that Tucker is a hit wherever he goes, but one particular visit stands out above the rest.

Tucker and the Clevelands were on their way to visit a nursing home. The residents eagerly waited for them to arrive, and when they did, something amazing happened...


 "There is a gentleman that is confined to a wheelchair and bed. He does not know his name. The other day we had a visit and he looked down and said ‘here comes Tucker’. So he didn’t know his own name, but he remembered Tucker.”


It's amazing what a visit from a loving animal can have on a person.

Mission moments like these are happening every day thanks to you.We are so thankful for our Therapy Teams and supporters who make our community a better place.

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