Dog with a Blog: A day in the life of HIP therapy dog, Howard

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Home from the dog doctor!


Today was not too bad. I had a shot in my backside and had to wait in my crate for my mom to get back. My favorite part is when I hear her talking out at the desk in the front room. Then she sees me. I see her. I hear music. My heart is so happy.

“Howard!” she smiles and says. I wag my tail, but it bumps into the sides of my crate. I can hardly be still; I am so glad to see her. I smile at everyone, wag my backside and duck my head – waiting for pats. This is a good life. I have nice people and a good home. Sometimes we go out to see the other people. I like them, too. I don’t really bark at them – they don’t worry me. I saw 23 other dogs at the park yesterday. I didn’t bark at them either. I’m totally cool like that.

My shampoo smells like good things. I am used to the big bathtub and all the bubbles. Once I am clean, I get a blow dry. I’m not crazy about the noise – but it doesn’t last long. When I smell good, my mom puts me in a yellow scarf, packs my bag and we go out to the car. I am about to go to work. I make a stop in the yard for private reasons, then we get in the car and off we go! Mom wears a yellow shirt and has a back pack with important things in it. We are a team.

Hospitals are big places and sometimes we park far away. People are moving around everywhere in chairs and on their feet. EVERYONE is glad to see me. I look at the people in their eyes and they look into my eyes. All they want to do is pet me. My life is so good.

I am a Therapy Dog. My name is Howard and I work for Hand in Paw.


Do you know someone like me? Use this link to learn about the steps mom and I took to become a Therapy Team.  They need you! The people at the hospitals and the other places the Therapy Dogs visit are waiting!


p.s. you can watch this video to see what Hand in Paw evaluators tested me on when they first met me!