An Ode to Barktoberfest

TALES BLOG / An Ode to Barktoberfest


Well this year’s Barktoberfest was quite a success

Many hoomans and their doggos came dressed to impress

We had Shrek, Fiona, and their little donkey too

The Nightmare Before Christmas was quite the spooky crew.


Gus’s Hot Dogs were delish and Little London hit the spot

A shortage on good brews from Cahaba there was not

Local vendors lined the patio with treats for pups and peeps

And two amazing artists drew caricatures for keeps.


The winners of the Stein Hoist held up their mugs the longest

Showing their opponents just who was the strongest

More than 50 dogs walked across the stage that night

Clothed in their pawsome costumes – it was quite the sight.


A big thanks to all the canines and their human counterparts

For coming to Barktoberfest ‘cause it was off the charts

Your support of Hand in Paw means we can serve more places

And bring lots more smiles to many different faces.