An Ode to our Therapy Teams

TALES BLOG /Ode to Therapy Teams

Oh, how we miss our Therapy Teams 

And the level of joy they bring 

To thousands of patients, students and staff 

You bring a smile and lots of laughs. 


We can’t wait to see you in person again 

And know you’re excited to see all your friends 

At various places throughout our town 

You can really turn a frown upside down!   


In your yellow attire, you brighten our days 

And we can’t even begin to count the ways 

You’ve brought healing and hope into our lives 

With cats and doggos of many a size.   


Thanks for the videos you’ve filmed for us 

To get us through this time where we must 

Keep ourselves safe and 6 feet apart 

There is no doubt you’ve got very big hearts!   


We’re eager to be together once more 

And look forward to tail wags and petting galore 

But in the meantime, we send thanks your way 

Because your visits light up our days!