Fun Ways to Keep Your Pet Active

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K9 companions are some of our most beloved family members, and believe it or not, they can also get in a funk just as much as any person can. This may quickly open the door to boredom and other more unfavorable behaviors that could result in shredded clothing or furniture. Everyone, including our pet pals, enjoys new games, and developing an arsenal of new activities for your dog can bring out your pet's playful side in a brand new way. Here are a few fun ways to keep your pet active:  


Revamping your dog's toy box is an easy first step.

New toys can incite a sense of adventure in your pup, especially if they are the kind that has compartments for hidden treats. But don't stop there. Try an interactive game such as a dog puzzle, fetch, or an obstacle course that will really seal the deal in providing new fun for your pet.  


New tricks are a fun way to bond with your pet and will keep dog owners well entertained along with your doggy pal.

Working on a new trick until your dog becomes a pro at it won't get old for quite some time. Another way to take this to a new level is to have your dog practice new tricks with their doggy pals. Spending time with other dogs is a great social activity that will energize and socialize your K9.  


Taking your dog with you on errands or out for a ride gives them a chance to sniff out new adventures.

A simple walk around the block or bike ride can be just the thing that puts a new frolic in your pup's step. Walks and time outdoors is the perfect time to remind your dog of their natural instincts to herd and hunt by giving them opportunities to walk, run, and use their senses. Be sure to research your dog's specific breed and find an activity that is fitted to them.  


New adventures for your pet can be found in the most unexpected places, and finding simple ways to mix up their daily routine will keep them young and happy. When in doubt, taking your furry companion for a run, hike, or swim to get more fresh air may be the jumpstart and bright focus that they need to re-energize.


Staff pup Chester enjoys going on bike rides in his K9 Sport Sack!