Safety First, Puppy Love Second!

TALES BLOG /Safety First

As a health and human services organization, Hand in Paw is committed to providing safe and effective therapeutic visits from our Therapy Teams. Hand in Paw staff and volunteers have been working diligently these past few months to carefully transition from virtual visits to in-person visits and are excited to share our progress with you, our supporters who have helped us reconnect, rebuild, and refresh.  

Safety is Hand in Paw’s first priority in returning to in-person visits, therefore we have introduced new visit-protocol to our Therapy Teams. These safety measures include:
  • Wearing a mask at all times
  • Using a 5-foot BioThane leash which helps maintain 6 feet of social-distancing and is easy to sanitize
  • Having clients use hand sanitizer before and after visiting with our Therapy Teams
  • Requiring Hand in Paw Therapy Team handlers be vaccinated for COVID-19


Active Hand in Paw Therapy Teams were trained on these new guidelines this Spring, and many teams whose registrations expired during our “paws” have been reevaluated and have returned to in-person visits with key community program partners including Children’s of Alabama, Kirkwood by the River, Girls Inc., DCH, and more!  Additional program partners will be receiving in-person visits soon as we collaborate with them on how to safely visit in their individual facilities.  

Hand in Paw is thrilled to be back in the community again, but we are continuing to practice safety precautions in an ever-changing world of COVID. We will continue to closely monitor public health data, adhere to CDC guidelines and update our visit-protocol as necessary.  

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Hand in Paw is so grateful for our donors and volunteers whose support has made our return to in-person visits possible! Thank you!