Wags for Wellness at McLeod Software

TALES BLOG / Wags for Wellness at Mcleod Software

Each month, Hand in Paw (HIP) Therapy Teams visit McLeod Software as part of the “Wags for Wellness” program.

As the therapy dogs and their humans walk the halls of McLeod, employees’ faces light up. The visits to McLeod are a part of HIP Heals, one of three core community outreach programs. Hand in Paw created the “Wags for Wellness” program for healthcare professionals during the pandemic, providing joy and comfort to doctors and nurses during trying times. Today, Wags for Wellness continues to promote mental health, wellness, and compassion, and the program has been expanded to workplaces outside of the healthcare arena. No matter the industry, work can be stressful; this restorative wellness program strives to alleviate work-related stress, boost morale, and inspire creativity in the workplace.


It’s incredible to watch a person’s demeanor change when they first start petting one of the therapy dogs. For a moment, they forget about the stresses of work and life, and they become just a person who loves a dog. They become what the dog sees them as—a very good human.


“I always look forward to seeing the dogs around the office and taking a minute out of my day to pet them!” -Cory M.



“Thank you for bringing in Hand in Paw. It’s such a treat when they visit. Got to see a smile on an employee’s face today who desperately needed it.” -Kristan H.



“I always love when Hand in Paw comes to visit. It’s a perk of working at McLeod that I legit brag to my friends about. It brightens my day!” – Luke A.


Walking past the offices of McLeod employees, it’s easy to see that creativity and community are important. Many offices sport personal decorations of that employee’s passions. From Pokémon plushies, elaborate fishing themes, collections of different flavored Mountain Dew cans and an impressive number of “Roll Tide” and “War Eagle” fill the offices – it’s undeniable that McLeod is a welcoming place to work.  That friendly, welcoming atmosphere extends to each of our Therapy Teams during their visits.  


“Hand in Paw is probably my favorite perk at McLeod in all honesty. I am an animal lover in general but have always been partial to dogs. I loved meeting Lilly yesterday and all the other pups on past visits. It’s a big-time stress reliever, and I always look forward to the days they come to visit.” – Barrett E.



“It is always such a joy to see these dogs in the office. They definitely bring a smile to my face. Thank y’all so much for doing this for the employees! I truly enjoy and appreciate the time Hand in Paw takes out of their day to come and see us!” – Maryann K.


Visiting McLeod brings joy not only to the employees but to the dogs and their handlers. We at Hand in Paw are honored to be a part of McLeod’s culture – just this year McLeod was recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Birmingham…. It’s easy to see why!

If your company is interested in receiving a Wags for Wellness visit from Hand in Paw, please contact Taylor Wynn at taylor@handinpaw.org or 205-322-5144.