A Gallery Party to Remember

TALES BLOG / A Gallery Party to Remember

Every year, in the months before Picasso Pets, Hand in Paw hosts the Gallery Party to present the paintings made by talented local artists in collaboration with the beloved pets of HIP supporters. For an evening of drinks, food, and conversation, members of the Hand in Paw community gather to view the artwork before the big event.

 Displayed on one half of the room are artworks of beloved pets commissioned by Hand in Paw donors, otherwise known as "Presenters". Made by local artists, the art pieces displayed are vastly different in style and presentation. From a dog in a field with pawprint flowers to a cat with curious green eyes, each painting is unique and exciting. Presenters choose their local artists and work with them to create a painting tailor made to them and their pets. The pets even participate in the painting process, and the commission from the works of art help Hand in Paw expand and strengthen its services.  


One of the best parts of the Gallery Party is seeing the owners’ first look at these paintings. Pieces range from portraits to abstract works with special touches by the pet. This year, presenters had paintings made by Thomas Andrew, Linda Ellen Price, and Carol Carmichael.


 Guests at this exclusive event also get an in-person sneak peek at Picasso Pets live auction items. Hand in Paw has many exciting packages and experiences coming up for auction like a week in Hawaii, a weekend in Savannah, and an opportunity to drive a Porsche.


 This entire event is just part of the buildup to Picasso Pets, Hand in Paw's annual gala happening on August 19th , where these paintings are displayed for all the guests and the auction officially happens. If you are interested in attending Picasso Pets, you can get tickets at picassopets.com and experience a night you won’t forget.