A New Chapter in Healing

TALES BLOG / A New Chapter in Healing

HIP Therapy Teams are now providing stress relief to families in the courthouse and first responders – all thanks to you!

We are excited to share that thanks to YOU, Hand in Paw Therapy Teams are now making therapeutic visits at the Family Court of Jefferson County! These visits are a part of a brand-new program called “Paws on the Court”, where our teams provide comfort to families and children involved in difficult family litigation. We provide these visits in honor of the late Judge Sandra Storm. This program that has been a dream at Hand in Paw for many years, but has now become a reality thanks to your unwavering support!

Pam Strange, one of the Therapy Teams visiting the courthouse with her therapy dog Suzy Q, has seen the need and power of the program first-hand:

“In the waiting room there are small groups and serious discussions going on. Yesterday, a tiny little child saw us and began to reach her arms toward us. We all thought she wanted Suzy, but she immediately came to me, wrapped her tiny arms around my leg, and buried her head in my lap. I placed my hand gently on her precious little back, and when I did, she pushed even harder into me. My heart was in a million pieces, and the comfort she needed was evident. A staff member then helped to gently direct her towards Suzy. This went so deep with me for so many reasons, and I wanted to thank you all for allowing us to be a small part of this amazing new program.”

In addition to visiting the families, judges and lawyers in the court system, Hand in Paw is now visiting first responders at the UAB Police Department and Homewood Fire Department! First responders have challenging and demanding jobs, and stress prevention and management are critical for them to stay well. We are grateful to be able to provide comfort and joy to these community heroes and are excited to reach more in need!

None of these new partnerships would be possible without your donations – both of your time and money. Thank you for helping Hand in Paw Therapy Teams reach people who need it most!

This article first appeared in our Fall 2023 edition of The Golden News